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The horse farm's philosophies and experience began over 35 years ago on a small Adirondack family ranch here in Saranac Lake. 

Our expertise shows in everything we do. We were the first to develop motivational riding camp programs and to take safety to higher standards. In fact we know you are only as good as your fellow equines are.  As opposed to other stables, we don’t lease or sell our horses (certain stables will lease their horses for the summer and then dispose of them at the auction house) and when they retire, they retire with us.; after all, we are their family.

Unlike other ranches, our management never changes and ideals never waiver.  From owner surrenders to slaughter auctions, supporting Adirondack Equine helps support our efforts to better the lives of horses in need.

Our doors are always open for such programs as the Adirondack Residential Center where troubled youth are given a second chance at learning a better way of life. We enjoy taking extra time out of our day when groups like the Girl Scouts or Universities like Clarkson, arrive for informative riding sessions. Companies such as Pepsi, find that an afternoon of horseback riding is a fruitful course for employee bonding.

We want you to join us in spreading love & compassion for these wonderful animals . This begins right here at home in our community. Before supporting any horseback riding establishment, determine the horse condition, long term care arrangements, safety precautions, and experience of the staff. Happy Trails !!
We began this venture with the horse in mind. Most of our horses have been rescued an/or taken from unfortunate circumstances such as owner surrenders or slaughter auctions. Funded strictly from our own pockets, we rehabilitate these animals, provide them with the necessary nutrition, health care and attention. Depending on the horses' performance, we provide them with a permanent home here with us or selectively adopt them out to great, local homes in the area.
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