Directions & Location

We are exactly 20 minutes from center of town of  Lake Placid, NY

Once you make your reservation, you may refer to the map below for directions. Depending on your GPS unit, the software may or may not recognize the address. We ensure to give you our exact mailing address to avoid confusion. It is suggested to verify the location at least 24 hours prior to the reservation to avoid mis-communication. If you have more questions, please text 518.837.1028. We do respond to texts faster than calls. Please plug in the addresses below for your appropriate GPs software:
Hours (by reservation):    

Mon - Sun
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Adirondack Horse Ranch                                               
776 County Route 18                          
Lake Clear, NY 12945           
Call  or Text: 518.837.1028
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