Horses of the Adirondacks

Horses of the Adirondacks

Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides in Lake Placid, NY

by ADK Horse on 02/15/15

The beauty of winter is such that you can participate in different types of picturesque activities. One of those activities is a horse drawn sleigh ride. The Lake Placid Sleigh Rides have been operating the best and most enjoyable horse drawn sleigh rides since 2006. A little about them: the ride is 45-50 minutes, it dashes through the most extraordinary, scenic spots in Lake Placid, NY, right in the heart of Lake Placid, at The Lake Placid Club & Resort. With open meadows, multiple nordic trails, all that while being surrounded by the Adirondack High Peak Mountains. What makes it complete is hot cocoa, blankets, and hand warmer packets to keep you nice & cozy through the entire trip ! Interested ? Please visit for more information!


Horseback Riding in the Winter !

by ADK Horse on 02/05/15

Thinking about winter horseback riding? Well, now certainly the time to do it ! February in the Adirondacks is generally a bit more kind on the thermometer, and if you dress well, you may even enjoy a beautiful sunny day in a tolerable 10 degrees. So if you are making that brave decision to climb on the back of one of our horses, please dress in warm clothes - ski clothes are definitely recommended, warm ups, bibs, warm boots, socks and hats. We do offer hand warmers packets if you find yourself unable to warm up your extremities ! Book your ride right here :)