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Why the Lesson ?
While horseback riding may be universal in knowledge, each ranch and stable uses different training and horsemanship methods to ensure the safety of both, the horse and rider.

To ensure consistency between riders, ADK Equine developed an orientation lesson which assists in understanding the methods of natural , resistance free training.  Horses understand a rider's cue better if the participant receives a training session prior to mounting. The horses at the Adirondack Equine Center have been trained to respond to the mildest touch and thus prefer to go bitless with bridles such as the hackamore.  Bitted bridles have been proven to injure the horses mouth and teeth. Read more about injuries from bits.

  • Upon arrival, participants are asked to watch a video, specifically developed by ADK Equine. The series cover special instructions during mounting, trail safety tips, what to expect while on trail, what do to during emergencies and how to recognize them. 
  • Once the video is completed, we ask for our riders to form a circle and answer questions specific to the video to test their memory.  
  • Participants are then asked to demonstrate how to stop, how to go forward, how to turn in each direction, how to hold reins in the correct position, proper rein collection, proper posture and position in saddle,  proper placement of foot in stirrup.
  • Participants then review safety questions and answers 
  • Guides ask participants about their comfort level, riding ability, athletics and riding experience. All horses have personalities and come with their own set of directions which are carefully explained to the riders.
  • ADK Equine presents this lesson to any rider, regardless of riding ability.

Have more Questions ?
Q: How large are your group rides ?
A: Our group rides vary between 8-15 riders per group. Several guides are assigned to large groups to ensure safety of each participant. Read More ...

Q: Can we trot or canter during group rides ?
A: Due to the size and varying abilities of participants, we do not trot or canter during group rides. However, horses, may on occasion, take a few faster steps, depending on trail layout. If participants want to trot or canter, they would need to inquire about our private riding sessions. Read More ...

Q: Can we gallop during our ride?
A: In many states across the North East, NYS liability laws are more stringent than in the mid-western states. Due to safety regulations,  we do not offer "free-range" riding, nor galloping at our riding stable. Read More ...