Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How large are your group rides ?
A: Our group rides vary between 8-15 riders per group. Several guides are assigned to large groups to ensure safety of each participant.

Q: Can we trot or canter during group rides ?
A: Due to the size and varying abilities of participants, we do not trot or canter during group rides. However, horses, may on occasion, take a few faster steps, depending on trail layout. If participants want to trot or canter, they would need to inquire about our private riding sessions.

Q: Can we gallop during our ride?
A: In many states across the North East, NYS liability laws are more stringent than in the mid-western states. Due to safety regulations,  we do not offer "free-range" riding, nor galloping at our riding stable.

Q: Do we need the lesson if we already know how to ride ?
A: In order to participate in any of ADK Equine's activities, all participants must receive  instruction prior to riding at ADK stable. The lesson is an "on-ground" lesson and thorough review with questions to ensure an appropriate match for each rider.

Q: Are you family friendly ?
A: We welcome families of all sizes and abilities. Please inquire as to our requirements for children riders that are under the age of 10.

Q: Are the trail rides guided ?
A:Our trail rides are guided as per NYS regulations. Depending on the size of the group, there may be several on ground guides assisting novice or children riders.

Q: Will we get to see any wildlife while on the trail ?
A: On occasion you will witness a deer, a fox, a grouse, wild turkeys. Larger animals will evacuate the immediate area as they prefer not to have any human contact.

Q: Will we see any mountain views ?
A: The benefit of being locate at over 2,000 feet in elevation, the Ranch has outstanding views of Whiteface Mountain, the McKenzie Mountain range as well as other Adirondack High Peaks.

Q: Do we get to pick our own horses ?
A: Not all horses are created equal. The guides choose horses based on how a participant answers their questions in addition to their age, experience, and athletics. 

Q: What is the trail like ?
A: Our trails are a mix of pine, maple and birch forest. ADK trails are not steep and thus safe for all ages and experience levels. Mountain views atop a 2,000 + elevation. To Explain: the ranch IS located at an elevation of 2,000 feet, the horses DO NOT hike up 2,000 feet.
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