The average horseback ride lasts approximately an hour and is great for family groups or individuals on a budget. Prior to the ride, there is a thorough lesson and a personalized quiz, which ensures the rider's consistency and promotes accurate communication between the horse & rider. If young children participate, they are led by a separate guide, with a lead rope attached to the horse's halter. Groups want to allow a total time of an hour and a half here with us. SEI helmets are provided with every ride. Please call for reservations and more information.
For the intermediate rider, we have the option to lengthen the ride up to an hour and a half using different trail systems. Regardless of experience, we still require our guests to take a lesson prior to the ride to familiarize themselves with how our horses have been trained and answer any questions they may have.  Riders need to allow for a total time of two hours here with us. SEI certified helmets are provided. Rides are private. Please call for reservations and more information.

Different horses everywhere, are trained with different horsemanship methods.  We decided to develop an orientation lesson describing our efforts in natural and resistance free training to ensure consistency among riders. Horses will understand the rider's cue better if the person had received prior training. The horses at the Adirondack Equine Center have been trained to respond to the mildest touch and thus prefer the hackamore and other bitless bridles when touring with customers. 

We ask our riders to be a part of our orientation lesson, regardless of experience. Here at the Adirondack Equine Center, we find that certain habits such as the use of crops, excessive rein collection, gripping with knees or pulling/tugging on the rein may not be the most effective approach to horseback riding.  Our horses are western trained, with techniques inspired by that of Monty Roberts. In our horses, a light touch, a loose rein, and a gentle hug with your heels will encourage friendship rather than dislike
  • For future reservations please consider booking your ride online. 
  • For same-day reservations, please call 518.241.3388. 
  • Walk-ins are welcome from June 25th - October 15th.
  • If you plan to walk-in, please keep in mind that we do get booked for the summer, so making your reservations early will ensure availability. 
  • We are the only stable in Lake Placid, NY and Saranac Lake, NY that has been voted the best  and safest in the Adirondacks.
  • When Booking Online, please pick the appropriate tab, activity and view calendar for availability.
2 Hour Private Trail Rides
1 Hour Group Trail Rides
1/2 Day Mountain Wilderness Trail Rides
1/2 Day Trail Rides last approximately 3 hours. We prepare the riders by giving 1/2 of an hour of instruction prior to the ride.  Rides go through authentic Adirondack forever wild forests, varying in grade and steepness. We assign horses based on age, experience and athletics. We fit our riders with SEI certified helmets. Picnic Lunch included (please let us know if you have dietary restrictions). Minimum two riders, maximum 8 riders. Total time spent at the ranch : 3.5 hours. Please call for reservations and more information.

Why the Lesson ?
Experienced Riders ?
Missed Ride Policy
In the event that a rider needs to miss a trail ride a minimum of 4 hours notice is required.If a 24 hour cancellation notice is given to the stable, no charges will take place... READ MORE
A riding waiver must be completed in order to ride. Being around horses is inherently dangerous. Helmets must be worn at all times by anyone that is participating in any of our equine activities... READ MORE
Weight Limits
For your safety and the well-being of our horses the weight limit is 250 lbs. Any rider weighing more than 200 lbs. is required to give advance notice so that a suitable horse may be arranged ... READ MORE

Stable Guidelines & Rules
Horseback Riding Options  for 2019
Have more Questions ?
Q: How large are your group rides ?
A: Our group rides vary between 8-15 riders per group. Several guides are assigned to large groups to ensure safety of each participant. Read More ...

Q: Can we trot or canter during group rides ?
A: Due to the size and varying abilities of participants, we do not trot or canter during group rides. However, horses, may on occasion, take a few faster steps, depending on trail layout. If participants want to trot or canter, they would need to inquire about our private riding sessions. Read More ...

Q: Can we gallop during our ride?
A: In many states across the North East, NYS liability laws are more stringent than in the mid-western states. Due to safety regulations,  we do not offer "free-range" riding, nor galloping at our riding stable. Read More ...

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